Zoro’s greatest satan fruit

Roronoa Zoro is likely one of the hottest characters within the recreation one piece. He’s Luffy’s first mate, and his dream is to change into the strongest swordsman on the earth. Zoro has come a good distance since his first look, and has defeated some highly effective opponents, together with Daz Bonez, Pekka, and King. Not like most well-known pirates, Zoro doesn’t have the ability of a Satan Fruit, which is unlucky as a result of there are a lot of Satan Fruits that might make him stronger.

Zoro is a talented swordsman, and one of many few folks on the earth who can use all three sorts of Haki. He also can imbue his swords with Royal Haki, which places him on a very completely different degree of talent and energy. He would be capable to mix this Haki with many Satan Fruit powers.

10 The Onigumo Satan Fruit will give Zoro extra weapons to struggle with

Onigumo creates 6 Devil Fruit arms in one piece

  • It was first utilized in episode 308 of the anime
  • Vice Admiral Onigumo is the one identified person

Onigumo is a Naval Vice Admiral who seems through the Enies Foyer Arc, and has displayed a presently unknown Zoan-type Satan Fruit that enables him to remodel right into a spider or spider-human hybrid. This will not appear to be the form of energy Zoro needs, however it would make him a extra deadly fighter.

This Satan Fruit will permit Zoro to develop three pairs of spider-like arms. With this energy, Zoro would be capable to use 9 swords directly as an alternative of three. He would be capable to create a brand new 9 Swords Model. Zoro can acquire extra high-quality blades, and may grant every certainly one of them Haki.

9 The Weapon Fruit will permit Zoro to acquire all sorts of bladed weapons

  • It was first utilized in episode 608 of the anime
  • Child 5 is the one identified person


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Zoro has misplaced many swords through the years, but when he had the Arm Fruit, he would all the time have a blade at his disposal. This paramecia will give him the flexibility to show any a part of his physique right into a weapon. If he wished to, Zoro might flip his palms or arms into fully-functioning firearms, however he prefers to create swords and different bladed weapons as an alternative.

Zoro can flip his arms into sharp blades, and he can do the identical together with his legs. If he wished to, he might remodel his total higher physique into a big sword, however that could be a bit impractical. He may even be capable to imbue all of his bladearms with armament or gentle haki.

8 The Slashing Fruit will make Zoro proof against reducing assaults

  • It was first utilized in Episode 8 of the anime
  • Buggy the Clown is the one identified person

Buggy could also be cowardly and weak, however he possesses a really helpful Satan Fruit. The Chop-Chop Fruit provides its person the flexibility to separate his physique into elements that he can management. This energy is nice for sneak assaults and backstabs, however that is not Zoro’s type, so he’ll most likely by no means use it that approach.

If Zoro eats the Chop Chop Fruit, he’ll change into proof against all types of Slash and Pierce assaults. The person will be capable to keep away from being minimize fully even when they’re imbued with Haki. Not even Mihawk would be capable to minimize it, however Zoro would nonetheless be capable to injure him.

7 The Rust Fruit can be utilized to destroy any sword on the earth

Captain Shaw uses the Rust Fruit in One Piece

  • It was first utilized in episode 309 of the anime
  • Captain Shaw is the one identified person


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After mastering all six powers, the person can change into extraordinarily highly effective and a tough enemy for anybody to take care of.

The Rust Fruit additionally appeared through the Enies Foyer Buster Name, and was used to destroy Yubashiri – one of many 50 Grasp Swordsmen. It was additionally the sword that Zoro obtained in Lugo City. As its identify suggests, Paramecia grants its person the flexibility to rust metallic objects.

This energy works by way of direct bodily contact, and in consequence the person is proof against swords and different metallic weapons. When you contact the sword, the weapon will rust and disintegrate immediately. With this energy, Zoro can tackle each swordsman he encounters, and may theoretically destroy any sword, even whether it is imbued with Haki.

6 Extra fruit would improve the velocity and energy of Zoro’s assaults

Berendy's World fights Luffy with more fruit in the anime special One Piece 3D2Y

  • It was first utilized in One Piece 3D2Y Anime Particular
  • Berendy Scientist is the one identified person

Extra fruit appeared in A one piece Particular stuffing, however simply because it is an unlawful energy doesn’t suggest Zoro cannot reap the benefits of it. It permits the person to amplify the dimensions and velocity of any object they contact. These bodily traits will be magnified as much as 100 occasions.

The person also can enhance their velocity, so the ability behind their assaults turns into larger. With this energy, Zoro will be capable to overcome different duelists throughout a conflict. His opponents might not even be capable to sustain with the velocity of his assaults.

5 The Course of Fruit will permit Zoro to chop with surgical precision

  • It was first utilized in episode 389 of the anime
  • Trafalgar d. Water Legislation is the one identified person


10 Satan Fruits in a single piece can beat Admiral Kizaru

Kizaru will be the strongest admiral in One Piece, however there are nonetheless many Satan Fruits that may give him a run for his cash.

Op-Op Fruit provides its person the flexibility to govern the material of area inside a particular spherical space. The person can teleport across the space and management each object throughout the space. They’ll additionally take issues aside and reassemble them nonetheless they need. For this reason the Op-Op Fruit is taken into account probably the most highly effective Satan Fruits on the earth one piece.

Utilizing the Op-Op Fruit, Zoro will be capable to minimize down his enemies with surgical precision, and he will likely be ready to take action from afar. Zoro was in a position to minimize off one of many Cranium Dome’s horns through the Onigashima Raid, however utilizing the Course of Fruit, he would be capable to minimize a complete island in half if he created a big sufficient space.

4 The highly effective fruit will give Zoro tremendous power

Jesus Burgess uses the powerful fruit in the One Piece manga

  • It was first utilized in episode 1063 of the manga
  • Jesus Burgess is the one identified person

The highly effective fruit is presently within the possession of Jesus Burgess of the Blackbeard Pirates, and it fits him nicely. It’s a paramecia that enhances its person’s bodily power to superhuman ranges. With this power, somebody like Zoro would be capable to raise and throw large objects effortlessly.

Zoro places a whole lot of energy behind his assaults, and if he had the Energy Fruit, his assaults could be much more ferocious – particularly if he had been to mix this energy together with his Superior Weapon or Conquest Haki. Relying on the opponent, Zoro will seemingly be capable to break any sword he hits.

3 The Trembling and Trembling Fruit will permit Zoro’s strikes to trigger highly effective earthquakes

  • It was first utilized in episode 461 of the anime
  • It was utilized by Edward Newgate and Marshall D. Train

After Gol D. Roger’s loss of life, Whitebeard grew to become thought-about essentially the most highly effective pirate on the earth, and he held this title for years due to the ability of Haki and the Satan Fruit. The Tremor-Tremor Fruit permits its customers to create highly effective earthquakes by way of any medium, together with air. This capability allegedly has the potential to destroy the whole world.

The person can focus these tremors into their fists like bubbles, however they’ll additionally focus the tremors into their weapons. If Zoro might do this, his sword assaults could be far more lethal. He would seemingly be capable to immediately shatter his opponent’s sword, and his flying wounds would be capable to destroy total islands.

2 Urog’s Satan Fruit will flip any harm to Zoro into energy

Urog uses his Devil Fruit to fight Kizaru in one piece

  • It was first utilized in episode 401 of the anime
  • Urouge the Mad Monk is the one identified person


10 satan fruits from one piece could be excellent for Usopp

Satan Fruits just like the Mark Mark Fruit and Hole Fruit will do wonders for Usopp’s sniper expertise.

Zoro tends to take a whole lot of harm when combating robust opponents in one-on-one matches, but when he has Urouge’s Satan Fruit, he’ll be capable to reap the benefits of this harm. The unnamed Paramecia grants its customers the flexibility to remodel any harm they take into bodily power.

As soon as activated, this energy will enlarge the person’s physique and their muscle groups will increase. Zoro took heavy harm through the Onigashima Raid, and if he had been in a position to flip that harm into energy, he seemingly would have been in a position to defeat King extra simply. Zoro will seemingly take harm when he duels Mihawk once more, so the ability of this Satan Fruit will turn out to be useful.

1 The Cube Fruit will permit Zoro to show any a part of his physique right into a blade

Daz Bonez uses the Dice Fruit to turn his fingers into blades in one piece

  • It was first utilized in episode 103 of the anime
  • Utilized by Daz Bonez & S-Hawk

Certainly one of Zoro’s defining moments got here when he defeated Daz Bonez, a former bounty hunter who possessed the Cube Fruit. This Paramecia provides its person the flexibility to remodel any a part of their physique into a pointy metal blade. These blades can minimize virtually something.

If Zoro had this energy, his physique could be proof against most slicing assaults, however he might nonetheless be harm by assaults highly effective sufficient to chop by way of metal. This will likely be very helpful for Zoro, particularly when combating different duelists. one piece Creator Eiichiro Oda himself said that if Zoro had a Satan Fruit, it could be the Cube Fruit.

Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sunny, Robin, Chopper, Brook, Franky and Jimbei in One Piece Age Head Ark poster

one piece

It follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew of pirates with a purpose to discover the best treasure left behind by the legendary pirate Gold Roger. The well-known mysterious treasure known as “One Piece”.

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