What are the principle variations?

Inexperienced, prickly, scaly, massive and smelly – these phrases would possibly aptly describe each jackfruit and durian. However do not be fooled; They don’t seem to be the identical factor. Here is the whole lot you have to find out about jackfruit and durian.

In the event you get previous their cumbersome look and distinctive texture, you will be stunned to learn the way jackfruit and durian have distinct traits that set them other than one another. Prepare your olfactory senses to absorb the pungent aroma, and you will have a wholesome, versatile fruit to strive. These tropical fruits differ in some ways, beginning with their sizes, textures and tastes.

What’s jackfruit?

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This widespread fruit is usually discovered within the coastal area of South India and belongs to the Moraceae household. Wealthy in antioxidants, potassium and fibre, jackfruit has historically been a staple for locals. The inexperienced, flaky pores and skin offers solution to vivid yellow fleshy nuggets with seeds inside. Though they’re troublesome to chop and peel, they’re eaten uncooked or made into curries, chips, and varied different dishes.

What’s durian?

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Durian is believed to have originated on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo in Southeast Asia, and belongs to the Malvaceae household. Though they’re smaller, they’re harking back to jackfruit at first look, attributable to their robust inexperienced rind with spikes and comfortable filling. Though it’s not extremely popular due to its odor, it’s thought-about a superfood. It’s because it’s wealthy in iron, vitamin C and potassium, and is thought to enhance muscle power.

This fruit is principally grown in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, and has an outer shell much like jackfruit. Inside are creamy white fruit pods. Durian provides an explosion of flavors with each chew – a mix of candy, bitter and tangy flavours.

Durian bushes may be grown in areas with excessive temperatures.

Jackfruit vs Durian: What are the variations?

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The primary and most evident distinction between the 2 fruits is their aroma. The odor of jackfruit, though sturdy, is harking back to pineapple and bubblegum. Its candy scent can typically have pungent undertones, however it’s typically not repulsive. However, some say that durian smells like sewage or unwashed socks.

Though durian is named the “King of Fruits” in most elements of Southeast Asia, it’s banned in public locations attributable to its pungent aroma that fills the encompassing house.


The typical jackfruit can attain two toes in peak and weigh as much as roughly 18 kilograms. This makes it the biggest fruit rising on the tree trunk. In the meantime, durian is way smaller. It averages lower than half a meter (about one foot) in peak and weighs about 9 kilograms.


Whereas durian fruits have thorns, jackfruit fruits have a scaly texture. The typical jackfruit is lengthy, elongated and heavy. Durian seems to be rounder and smaller as compared. The fleshy half surrounding the seeds contained in the jackfruit is vivid yellow whereas durian is white.


Meaty with a little bit of a wholesome crunch, jackfruit is barely slippery on the tongue and has a candy style when eaten ripe. Durian tastes very very similar to cashews or cream with salty undertones and is an acquired style.

Jackfruit vs. Durian: The best way to Eat This Summer time Fruit

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Now that we have found out what separates the 2, let’s undergo some jackfruit and durian recipes to satiate the foodie in you.

Get the well being advantages of jackfruit by making ready these scrumptious dishes

Ripe jackfruit could be very troublesome to chop and a particular course of have to be adopted. Here’s a video clip exhibiting the simplified technique.

This tropical fruit, typically eaten uncooked, can also be probably the most widespread mock meat components. Listed here are some uncooked jackfruit recipes.

Feeling adventurous? Attempt these durian recipes at dwelling


Photograph: Courtesy of Alexei Demidov/Pexels

Though these two fruits look related, there are plenty of variations between jackfruit and durian, together with the way in which they odor, style, and seem upon nearer inspection. Some of the notable variations between the 2 is the truth that uncooked jackfruit has many makes use of, particularly in a vegetarian food plan — from mock-meat variations of burger patties and taco fillings to curries — whereas ripe durian can solely be utilized in desserts or vegetarian meals. Scrumptious dishes.

Regardless of all their benefits, each fruits are wealthy in lots of micronutrients and minerals. Whereas durian is excessive in copper, zinc, iron and vitamin B, jackfruit comprises a superb quantity of calcium, potassium and nutritional vitamins A and C.

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