The costliest satan fruit in a single piece


  • Satan Fruits are a strong supply of talents, and are obtained by consuming them, however acquiring them might be troublesome and costly.
  • Totally different Satan Fruits have completely different costs and skills, comparable to Bara Bara no Mi and Gomu Gomu no Mi.
  • The Ope Ope no Mi is presently the most costly satan fruit, valued at 5 billion berries, and has highly effective medicinal and youth-giving powers.

Satan Fruits are the best method for anybody to achieve an immeasurable quantity of energy. The method is pretty easy. All one has to do is eat a satan fruit. The toughest half is getting your palms on the Satan Fruit.


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Nonetheless, there are alternative ways to search out the required power. One of many best methods is to pay a lump sum to an underworld dealer to purchase a particular satan fruit. As a result of disparity between completely different Satan Fruits, costs additionally fluctuate, with some costing rather more cash than the remainder.

Costs are estimated based mostly on the power of the Satan Fruits.

7 Bara bara no mi

Value: 100 million berries

Yonko Buggy is a clown

Bara Bara no Mi is the Satan Fruit of Buji, a Yonko. He discovered the Satan Fruit whereas he was nonetheless an apprentice on Gol D. Roger’s ship. Buggy’s plan was to promote the Satan Fruit and declare the cash for himself.

Sadly for him, Shanks was behind his shoulder, and was startled by his first presence, leading to Buggy consuming a Satan Fruit. When consuming the Bara Bara No Mi Fruit, Buggy mentioned that he had simply wasted 100 million berries, which was a good worth for a Satan Fruit.

6 Gomu gomu no mi

Value: 300 million berries

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This Satan Fruit belongs to the legendary Zun class of Satan Fruits. However for almost all of the sequence, she was thought-about a Paramecia Satan Fruit. It was solely within the Wano Nation arc that the reality got here to mild. The Satan Fruit permits Luffy to faucet into the ability of the Solar God Nika.


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Logically, the Satan Fruit must be the most costly, however the World Authorities could not let anybody inhale its true energy, which was why it was solely listed as Gomu Gomu no Mi. Individuals can be keen to pay round 300 million berries for a Satan Fruit. However anybody who knew the true nature of the Satan Fruit wouldn’t hesitate to spend billions to acquire it.

5 Nikyu nikyu no mi

Value: 1 billion berries

Bartholomew Kuma with a serious look

Nikyu Nikyu no Mi could not get talked about in power-up discussions, however it’s undoubtedly probably the most highly effective Satan Fruits within the sequence. Nikyu Nikyu no Mi was a prize chosen for the winner of God Valley’s searching competitors. This meant that the Heavenly Dragons thought-about her a Satan Fruit worthy of a winner.

Nikyu Nikyu no Mi has the power to ship a person flying at an unbelievable velocity, making it seem as if they’ve teleported. Moreover, the Satan Fruit attracts ache out of an individual’s physique and shops it in a bubble. Whereas the precise worth of Nikyu Nikyu no Mi continues to be unknown, it would definitely be within the vary of 1-2 billion berries.

4 Pika pika no mi

Value: 3 billion berries

Kizaru creates light with sparkling fruit in one piece

Pika Pika no Mi is a Logia-type satan fruit that offers Kizaru full management over mild. He can create and manipulate mild at will, making him a harmful opponent. Kizaru can even use his energy to journey on the velocity of sunshine. Pika Pika no Mi has nice potential, which is why it caught the eye of Dr. Vegapunk.


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He has unbelievable damaging energy, as evidenced by Kizaru’s battles all through the sequence. Bearing in mind the Satan Fruit perks, Pika Pika no Mi would simply fetch 3 billion berries.

3 Yu Yu No Mi, Mannequin: Azure Dragon

Value: 3.5 billion beri

Kaido's dragon form

The nation of Wano has lifted the curtain on a few of the oldest mysteries in its historical past one piece. Many of those discoveries have been associated to Kaido, the chief of the Beast Pirates. He was known as “the strongest creature on the planet”, however nothing was recognized about his power.

Lastly, within the arc, followers realized that Kaido had the Uo Uo no Mi, Mannequin: Seiryu, a legendary Zoan-type satan fruit. The Satan Fruit was given to him by Massive Mother, who stole it from Ivankov in Good Valley. The Uo Uo no Mi: Seiryu mannequin was within the possession of the World Authorities, so the group seemingly valued it extremely. From the value level, it will price 3.5 billion berries.

2 Jura Jura no mi

Value: 4 billion berries

Whitebeard uses the Shake Fruit in Marineford

Whitebeard has been hailed because the “Strongest Man within the World” as a result of his ridiculous power. His satan fruit performed an important position in enhancing his fame. Whitebeard possesses the Gura Gura no Mi, a Paramecia Satan Fruit that permits him to trigger tremors.

Satan Fruits are mentioned to have the ability to destroy the world, so it’s no shock that they’re among the many costliest Satan Fruits on the planet. one piece. If offered on the black market, Jura Jura no Mi would simply receive 4 billion berries.

1 Obi Obi no Mi

Value: 5 billion berries

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At current, the Ope Ope no Mi is taken into account the most costly satan fruit on the planet one piece. Its worth is estimated at 5 billion berries. Whereas many could also be delay by its excessive worth, those that know its worth nonetheless pay for it simply. The final time a Satan Fruit got here into circulation, Diez Barriles managed to get his palms on it, and was able to promote it to Doflamingo.

Nonetheless, Corazon stole the Satan Fruit and gave it to Younger Lao, who instantly consumed it. Other than its capacity to carry out essentially the most advanced medical procedures, a Satan Fruit can even grant another person everlasting youth.

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