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Have you ever ever heard of the time period “strawberry gel”? If that’s the case, you might have a unfavorable impression of this group of younger individuals, born between 1981 and 2000, particularly in Asia. The time period implies that they’re mushy, brittle and decadent, identical to strawberries.

However the place did this time period come from, and why is it known as this era? Most significantly, how can we perceive and relate to this era higher, with out judgment or belittlement? On this article, we’ll discover the origin, traits and challenges of strawberry gelatin, and supply some tips about how you can take care of them successfully.

Origin of the time period

The time period “Strawberry Technology” originated from Taiwan, the place it was first utilized by Taiwanese creator and educator Chen Heng-wei in 2005. The time period was coined to explain a era of younger individuals who grew up in a affluent and secure society, however lacked resilience and perseverance within the face of difficulties and hardships. He in contrast it to strawberries, which look stunning and scrumptious, however are simply bruised and broken.

The time period shortly grew to become widespread in different Asian nations, resembling Singapore, China and Indonesia, the place it was used to criticize the youthful era for being weak, lazy and entitled. This time period was typically utilized by the older era, who confronted extra hardship and wrestle, to specific dissatisfaction and disappointment with the youthful era, who they noticed as having extra alternatives and privileges, however much less gratitude and accountability.

Technology traits

Strawberry era is commonly characterised by the next qualities:

  • They’re extremely educated, however lack sensible expertise and expertise. They’ve entry to extra info and data than ever earlier than, however they typically lack the power to use it in real-life conditions. They’re additionally extra prone to change jobs regularly, or give up when confronted with challenges or boredom.
  • They’re artistic and revolutionary, however they lack perseverance and persistence. They’ve lots of concepts and visions, however they typically surrender simply once they encounter obstacles or failures. They’re additionally extra prone to search fast gratification and reward, relatively than long-term objectives and outcomes.
  • They’re expressive and individualistic, however they lack respect and empathy. They’ve extra freedom and selections than ever earlier than, however they typically ignore the opinions and emotions of others. They’re additionally extra prone to problem authority and custom, relatively than comply with guidelines and norms.
  • They’re related and sociable, however they lack depth and dedication. They’ve extra buddies and followers than ever earlier than, however they typically lack significant and lasting relationships. They’re additionally extra prone to keep away from battle and confrontation, relatively than talk and compromise.

Technology challenges

The Strawberry Technology faces many challenges of their private {and professional} lives, resembling:

  • They’ve excessive expectations, however low shallowness. They need to obtain success and happiness, however they typically doubt their talents and worth. They’re additionally extra weak to emphasize, nervousness and melancholy, as they wrestle to adapt to the calls for and pressures of the fashionable world.
  • They’ve low endurance, however excessive sensitivity. They’re simply offended, damage, or offended by something that doesn’t meet their requirements or preferences. They’re additionally fast to complain, blame, or criticize others, relatively than taking accountability or accepting suggestions.
  • They’ve low loyalty, however excessive mobility. They’re all the time in search of one thing higher, sooner, or simpler, relatively than sticking with one thing that requires effort, time, or sacrifice. They’re additionally prepared to maneuver on, swap, or give up, relatively than commit, make investments, or develop.

Ideas for coping with era

The Strawberry Technology is just not a homogeneous group, and they don’t seem to be all unhealthy or determined. They’ve their strengths, capabilities and values. It may be a supply of creativity, innovation and variety. They may also be a power for change, progress and enchancment.

To deal successfully with the Strawberry Technology, we have to perceive them, respect them, and talk with them. Listed here are some ideas that may assist us:

  • Perceive their viewpoint. Attempt to see issues from their viewpoint, and recognize their experiences, motivations and aspirations. Do not decide them based mostly in your requirements, expectations, or assumptions. Do not ignore them based mostly in your biases, prejudices or stereotypes.
  • Respect their individuality. Study their uniqueness, range and id. Don’t attempt to change them, management them, or impose your values, beliefs, or opinions on them. Do not evaluate, compete, or criticize them.
  • Talk with them successfully. Use clear, concise and respectful language. Keep away from utilizing sarcasm, sarcasm, or condescension. Use constructive, constructive, and supportive suggestions. Use examples, tales, and visuals for instance your factors. Use questions, ideas and invites to have interaction them.

We have explored the Strawberry Technology, who they’re, and how you can perceive them. We’ve got seen that the time period originates from Taiwan, and is used to explain the youthful era who’re seen as mushy, fragile and spoiled. We additionally noticed that this era has some traits and challenges that make it completely different from the older era. We additionally noticed that the era has some strengths and capabilities that make it precious and necessary. We additionally noticed that the era might be handled successfully by understanding, respecting, and speaking with it.

Strawberry era is just not an issue however an answer. Strawberry era is just not a weak point, however a power. The strawberry era is just not a failure, however successful.

Strawberry era is just not the top however the starting.

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