College breakfast and lunch menus for December 4-8

Breakfast and lunch menus for the week of December 4-8

Archbishop Bergan Catholic Colleges

Monday: Scorching ham and cheese sandwich, potato chips, fruits, greens, and milk.

Tuesday: French toast sticks, sausage slice, yogurt, greens, fruits and milk.

Wednesday: Ham, potatoes au gratin, greens, fruits, dinner rolls, and milk.

Thursday: Rooster nuggets, bread, greens, fruit and milk.

Friday: Hamburger pizza, carrot sticks, fruit cup, dessert and milk.

Fremont Public Colleges

Monday: Pizza sticks and sauce, combined greens, inexperienced beans, combined fruits and milk.

Tuesday: Taco bowl, corn, apple juice, peas and milk.

Individuals learn too…

Wednesday: Corn canine, carrots, gratin potatoes, apple juice and milk.

Thursday: Hamburger on a bun, seasoned fries, child carrots, juice, Doritos and milk.

Friday: Rooster tenders, baked beans, peaches, salad combine, cornbread and milk.

Cedar Bluffs Public Colleges

Monday: Rooster popcorn, nuggets, pretzel bites and broccoli.

Tuesday: Stroll on tacos and Spanish rice.

Wednesday: Deli department and chips.

Thursday: Turkey dinner, mashed potatoes, rolls and corn.

Friday: Calzone, Bulbarts and Pizza.

Logan View Public Colleges

Monday: mini cinnamon rolls; Rooster alfredo and bread. Preschool – mini cinnamon rolls and fruit; Rooster alfredo, inexperienced beans and fruits.

Tuesday: breakfast pizza; Corn canine. Preschool – cereals and fruits; Corn canine, greens and fruits.

Wednesday: eggs and toast. Hamburgers and browns. Preschool – yogurt and fruits; Hamburgers, French fries and fruits.

Thursday: Egg Twister; Chipotle bowls. Preschool – desserts and fruits; Festivals, lettuce and fruits.

Friday: desserts. Festivals.

Mead Public Colleges

Monday: mini pancakes; Corn canine, baked beans, triple fries, tropical fruits and graham crackers.

Tuesday: breakfast pizza; Tacos, peas, apple slices, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Wednesday: small desserts; Bacon sandwich, combined greens, peaches and crepe rice.

Thursday: omelet; Pasta, inexperienced beans, pear and garlic bread.

Friday: Dutch waffles; Biscuits and gravy, hash brown, mandarin orange and oatcake.

North Bend Central Colleges

Monday: scones. Scorching canine or cheddar canine, baked beans and tri tater.

Tuesday: pancakes and sausages. Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread.

Wednesday: scrambled eggs and toast. Criscito with cheese sauce and terry tots.

Thursday: cinnamon roll; Popcorn hen, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls and inexperienced beans.

Friday: Salad bites. Muscle nachos and California greens.

Oakland-Craig Public Colleges

Monday: Scrambled eggs, toast, cereal, fruit, orange juice, and milk. Rooster nuggets, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, scorching apple and milk.

Tuesday: Pancakes, Pop-Tarts, Fruit, Dragon Fruit and Milkshake; Chili canine, French fries, fruits, biscuits, greens and milk.

Wednesday: cherries, bread, fruit, apple juice, milk; Rotini with meat sauce, peas, fruit, garlic bread and milk.

Thursday: Breakfast casserole, cereal bar, fruit, cherry juice, and milk. Meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, inexperienced beans, dinner rolls, pears and milk.

Friday: Muffins, yoghurt, fruit, mango juice and milk. Sloppy Joe, tater tots, applesauce, cinnamon twist, baked beans and milk.

Scribner Snyder Public Colleges

Monday: French toast; popcorn hen; Mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and combined fruits.

Tuesday: Pop Tarts; Blueberry Casserole, Inexperienced Beans, Dinner Rolls and Peaches.

Wednesday: mini cinnamon rolls; Hamburgers, potato chips, baked beans and apricots.

Thursday: stuffed biscuits; Taco burger, tater tots, peas and pear.

Friday: Cereal and toast. Criscito, rice, inexperienced beans and pineapple.

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