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Subcutaneous fats It’s discovered instantly below your pores and skin on a big portion of your physique. That is smooth fats that you may pinch off. The sort of fats is probably the most widespread all through the physique though it’s largely innocent.

Whereas all individuals have such a fats, some have greater than others. Components equivalent to genetics, eating regimen and train can have an effect on the quantity of subcutaneous fats you carry. Typically occasions, a way of life that features a poor eating regimen and lack of train can lead to you consuming extra energy than you burn. This may result in elevated subcutaneous fats.

This text explains why subcutaneous fats exists and the way it differs from different sorts of fats. It additionally suggests confirmed methods to lose such a fats.

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Subcutaneous versus visceral fats: location and texture

There are vital variations between subcutaneous fats and visceral fats of their composition and the way they’re distributed all through the physique.

Subcutaneous fats is smooth, free, and pasty. It’s a sort of fats that accumulates instantly below the pores and skin. Subcutaneous stomach fats is the fats you are feeling should you “pinch an inch” round your stomach.

Visceral fats seems firmer than subcutaneous fats, though it’s elusive as a result of it’s positioned deep below the belly wall.

Subcutaneous fats is positioned below your pores and skin. Its predominant location varies in accordance with gender as follows:

  • In males: Subcutaneous fats is commonly discovered across the stomach and shoulders.
  • In girls: Subcutaneous fats is discovered across the thighs, buttocks, and hips.

Visceral fats is saved within the areas surrounding the liver, intestines and different organs, making it inaccessible to the touch. It’s also current in your omen. This apron-like flap of tissue is positioned below your belly muscular tissues and covers your intestines. The omentum hardens and thickens when it fills with fats.

What’s the function of subcutaneous fats?

Subcutaneous fats performs an necessary function in defending your physique and guaranteeing it capabilities usually. It supplies the next advantages:

  • Vitality and fats storage: Subcutaneous fats serves as an vitality reserve. Your physique makes use of subcutaneous fats as a gasoline supply after utilizing up the vitality saved from consuming carbohydrates. That is the motivation to shed weight.
  • Insulation temperature: Subcutaneous fats insulates your physique from excessive warmth and chilly. It prevents the inner physique temperature from turning into too low or too excessive. This characteristic may also help you keep away from creating circumstances like hypothermia (a situation that may result in freezing to demise).
  • Shock safety: The smooth, delicate composition of subcutaneous fats acts as a cushion to guard deep muscular tissues, bones, organs and delicate tissues from bodily hurt or harm. This pure lining protects your bones and muscular tissues from harm throughout falls and different sorts of bodily trauma.
  • Organic advantages: Subcutaneous fats can swell or shrink relying on whether or not the fats is being saved or used. It additionally produces the hormone leptin, which regulates your emotions of starvation and fullness to regulate urge for food, and the intercourse hormone estrogen.
  • Lowering irritation: Analysis means that subcutaneous fats could present some protecting endocrine and irritation properties. This may increasingly assist clarify the biology of people who find themselves overweight however metabolically wholesome.

Well being dangers of subcutaneous versus visceral fats

Regardless of the advantages of subcutaneous fats, an excessive amount of of it may enhance your threat of creating the next well being issues:

Nonetheless, visceral fats is taken into account extra harmful resulting from variations on the molecular stage. In consequence, visceral fats is extra strongly related to metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and elevated threat of demise, even when your physique mass index (BMI) is regular.

What causes excessive subcutaneous/visceral fats?

Your physique has a naturally excessive ratio of subcutaneous to visceral fats. Whereas subcutaneous fats accommodates about 90% of whole physique fats, visceral fats accommodates the remaining 10% of physique fats.

Girls normally have extra subcutaneous fats than males. It’s most evident throughout adolescence, when fats constitutes 25% of physique weight in females and solely 15% of physique weight in males at this stage. Nonetheless, with age, subcutaneous fats and visceral fats enhance in each women and men, with a higher enhance in visceral fats. In consequence, gender variations in physique fats distribution can develop into much less pronounced with age.

Computed tomography (CT), an imaging course of that makes use of X-rays and a pc to create an inner picture, is an correct approach to decide physique composition elements such because the ratio of subcutaneous to visceral fats.

Different imaging procedures used to measure physique fats percentages embrace:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): An MRI is a process that makes use of robust magnetic currents to supply an inner picture.
  • Positron emission tomography (PET)/computed tomography: PET/CT scanning requires the injection of a short-acting radioactive substance known as a radiotracer that collects in areas of fats deposits, which will be recognized in a PET scan or together with a CT scan.

Along with imaging procedures, the next strategies are used to measure physique composition:

  • DEXA (twin vitality x-ray absorptiometry) scan by a well being care technician.
  • Underwater hydrostatic weighing is carried out in a particular laboratory
  • BIA (bioelectrical impedance evaluation), a measurement that could be obtainable on residence scales that present weight, physique fats share, and different numbers
  • Pores and skin calluses pinch fatty tissue below the pores and skin in particular areas of the physique to find out physique fats ranges
  • Physique circumference or waist circumference measurements that use a tape measure to find out the width of sure elements of the physique such because the waist, thighs, and arms

Your well being care supplier may also help you establish what the outcomes of those assessments imply and whether or not they present trigger for concern.

The way to lose subcutaneous fats

Typically, one of the simplest ways to lose subcutaneous fats is to take care of a wholesome way of life. This includes a mix of a fat-burning eating regimen and common train.

Whereas genetics could make you extra prone to have excessive subcutaneous fats mass, analysis means that these genetic elements will be compensated for by excessive bodily exercise. Since subcutaneous fats shops vitality, you should burn energy to lose it.

Observe these methods to lose subcutaneous fats:

Way of life change

  • Keep away from processed meals, baked items, and quick meals, which usually comprise refined, inflammatory oils and unhealthy fat.
  • Learn labels to keep away from merchandise containing the next elements: Sodium, partially hydrogenated oil, excessive fructose corn syrup, trans fats, excessive quantities of sugar and energy.
  • Keep correctly hydrated by consuming 6 to eight cups of water day by day and extra when exercising in sizzling climate.
  • Get night time’s sleep as a result of sleep deprivation interferes with appetite-suppressing hormones and will increase the chance of weight acquire.
  • Lowering stress, which may enhance cortisol ranges (the stress hormone). Increased ranges of this hormone could make you are feeling hungry and crave meals which can be excessive in sugar, energy, and fats.


  • Purpose to do a minimum of half-hour of high-intensity cardio a number of occasions every week to burn fats throughout your physique slightly than attempting to cut back it.
  • Attempt high-intensity interval coaching (HIIT), an train program that makes use of a number of minutes of actions that enhance your coronary heart price to 80% of your most coronary heart price, adopted by quick intervals of much less intense actions. These workouts can enhance your metabolic price for as much as 14 hours after train, thus rising your day by day fat-burning potential. Widespread workouts in a HIIT exercise embrace: Body weight squats, again lunges, knee plank, alternating aspect lunges, leaping jacks, and skaters
  • Incorporate three to 5 weekly energy coaching periods into your common health routine. This may enhance your metabolic price so you possibly can burn extra fats day by day.
  • Burn energy with cardio train that will increase your coronary heart price, equivalent to operating, biking, swimming, brisk strolling, leaping rope, stair climbing, cross-country snowboarding and canoeing.

Dropping subcutaneous fats requires endurance and perseverance. Subcutaneous fats will be troublesome to lose due to the capabilities it performs in your physique. As well as, your physique normally burns extra visceral fats earlier than it assaults extra subcutaneous fats.

Everybody loses weight at totally different charges resulting from elements equivalent to genetics, physique composition, age, and hormones. Typically, the mixture of calorie deficit (consuming much less and shifting extra) and bodily exercise can produce modifications as early as one to 2 weeks or as late as six to 12 weeks after beginning this system.

Bodily exercise tips

To realize noticeable advantages out of your train program, comply with Bodily Exercise Tips for Individuals, 2nd version, printed by the US Division of Well being and Human Companies (HHS). For adults, these tips embrace finishing 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio exercise every week with the next traits:

  • No less than 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity train per week for adults (60 minutes for kids)
  • Muscle strengthening actions two or extra days per week

Meals to help subcutaneous fats loss

In case you are severe about shedding physique fats, you will need to modify your eating regimen to incorporate the next meals to help the lack of subcutaneous fats:

  • Excessive-quality lean proteins, equivalent to hen, turkey, salmon, and eggs, enable you really feel full for longer, promote muscle development, and are extra filling than carbohydrates and fats so you possibly can train extra.
  • Meals wealthy in vitamins and fiber that enable you really feel full longer and keep away from overeating, equivalent to entire grains equivalent to entire grain bread, quinoa, and brown rice, legumes (chickpeas, kidney beans, kidney beans, and lentils), wholesome fruits equivalent to berries and strawberries which can be low in energy and excessive in fiber, and greens, particularly these Corresponding to broccoli, which accommodates a excessive share of water and fiber, and oatmeal.
  • Water is used as an urge for food suppressant and a substitute for sugar-filled smooth drinks and different sweetened juices
  • Espresso or inexperienced tea, each of which may promote fats burning and fatty acid breakdown.
  • Low-fat dairy merchandise, equivalent to low-fat milk, which helps construct dense muscle mass, and low-fat cheese, which is low in fats and carbohydrates however excessive in protein.
  • Seeds and nuts (comprise wholesome fat, fiber and protein to curb starvation)
  • Tempeh, a protein substitute for meat appropriate for vegetarians


Subcutaneous fats makes up 90% of physique fats in most individuals. It is the kind of free, jiggly fats that most individuals consider when speaking about physique fats. It’s typically present in areas across the stomach, arms, and legs.

Whereas it might not look wholesome, subcutaneous fats is an vitality reserve. It additionally protects your physique from excessive temperatures, accidents, and overeating. Nonetheless, the truth that such a fats is nice in your physique makes it troublesome to lose.

Dropping subcutaneous fats generally is a sluggish course of. It includes making frequent modifications to your eating regimen and bodily exercise routine. Seek the advice of your healthcare supplier to ensure you make modifications that can assist you safely obtain your targets.

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