One Piece has simply revealed one other mysterious member of the Seven Warlords


  • Chapter No. 1100 of one piece It hints on the presence of one other mysterious former member of the Seven Warlords, who could have an important function within the collection finale.
  • The identification of the “Fireplace Marked Man”, a personality that has intrigued readers, is believed to be the unnamed warlord that Ace defeated, on account of Ace’s fiery Satan Fruit powers.
  • Ace’s battle with the mysterious warlord doubtless occurred within the New World, explaining Eustace Kidd’s seek for the person marked by fireplace in the identical space.

Warning: Incorporates spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1100. one piece It simply bothered me that there may nonetheless be one other A mysterious former member of the Seven Warlords Which the collection has not but revealed. Though the main focus has shifted to the Emperors for the reason that Straw Hats entered the New World, this mysterious warlord could find yourself taking part in an important function within the collection finale and the race to the Chortle Story.

Chapter No. 1100 of one piece reveals it Kuma is obtainable a place among the many Seven Warlords on account of Ace defeating one in all them Just a few days earlier than Kuma and Bonnie arrive at Egghead within the flashback. Kuma goes on to affix the Warlords roughly six months later because the seventh member, which is obvious from the reactions of the opposite six talked about within the chapter.

Saturn asks Kuma to become a warlord as a replacement for the mysterious previous warlord who was defeated by Ace in One Piece

Whereas the chapter leaves no clues as to the identification of the previous warlord Ace defeated, it might be attainable to slender down the checklist of candidates based mostly on the flashback timeline and the whole lot the collection has revealed relating to Ace’s adventures.


The Warlords of the Sea in One Piece share a hidden clue explaining their function

All seven of the unique Warlords in One Piece share one refined however vital hyperlink, which is implied by their connection to the World Authorities.

The person marked by fireplace might need defeated the ace warlord

This character was first talked about by Eustace Kidd in Chapter No. 1056.

A child talks about the man who was marked by fire in One Piece

The identification of the “Mysterious Man of Fireplace”, or “Man with the Burn Scar” in Viz’s official translation, has puzzled readers for the reason that first point out of his existence throughout the concluding chapters of the Wano Arc. Whereas followers have speculated that the person marked by flames could possibly be Saul, and even Luffy’s father Dragon, Chapter 1100 brings up the chance that the unnamed Warlord Ace could possibly be defeated. Moreover, given the fiery nature of Ace’s Satan Fruit, it might be very becoming that the person with the flame scars originated from his battle towards Ace.

The flashback takes place roughly 4 years in the past, the time when Vegapunk was stated to have switched laboratories. Therefore, it’s attainable that Ace’s battle towards the mysterious warlord occurred within the New World the place Ace was situated in Wano 4 years in the past, based mostly on Yamato’s encounter with him. Thus, it might make sense for Utah Child to go in search of the person marked with fireplace following Wano within the New World, relatively than the Grand Line, the place the vast majority of the warlords appear to be based mostly.


Clarify every concept concerning the man marked by fireplace

Probably the most mysterious character in One Piece, the “Fireplace Marked Man” has prompted a whole lot of theories since his introduction. That is probably the most convincing.

Total, whereas the Man Marked by Fireplace and the previous Warlord hinted at within the final chapter have solely a tenuous relationship, there would not appear to be another apparent motive for Oda to disclose this data so late within the story, when the Seven Warlords have turn out to be… It has lengthy been irrelevant, particularly after the World Authorities disbanded the group and branded its members criminals as soon as once more.

It needs to be a nice shock for followers to see Ace posthumously play a job, albeit a small one, within the story. Luffy’s brother was one of the fashionable characters within the collection, and his demise stays probably the most tragic second within the collection one piece. Whereas introducing one other puzzle could also be irritating at this level, one piece It is recognized for its refined references, so it is doubtless solely a matter of time till the collection is revealed The true identification of the mysterious warlord that Ace defeated And the function they may play within the last saga of one piece.

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