Overweight pet snakes have gotten a rising drawback in Britain

Consultants have warned that Britain is going through a rising drawback with overweight pet snakes, with their house owners overfeeding them.

Some snakes solely eat one massive meal a 12 months within the wild however in captivity they’re much less energetic and are sometimes fed weekly by their novice house owners.

This will trigger important weight acquire, which may shorten the snake’s life.

Unique pets are rising in reputation in Britain, however with few formal sources for recommendation, house owners are sometimes left with out dependable sources of data.

A rising variety of well-meaning however ill-informed snake house owners are feeding their animals on a schedule extra in keeping with mammalian pets reminiscent of canine and cats, consultants have warned.

Mark O’Shea, professor of herpetology on the College of Wolverhampton, stated snakes are “feast or famine animals” that may usually go lengthy intervals of time between meals.

“Weight problems is an issue in numerous organisms. Snake house owners might not notice that they’re overfeeding their animals, and that is much less evident in snakes as a result of individuals suppose {that a} fats snake is a wholesome snake,” he advised The Telegraph.

“That is not essentially true, after all. They feed once they get the possibility, after which there is a very lengthy interval of relaxation as a result of they need not feed once more for a very long time.

“Bigger snakes typically have a really gradual metabolism, and do not want as a lot meals as mammals.

“A hobbyist who would not actually have anybody to speak with may purchase a snake on the pet retailer, discover out what it is consuming and arrange the cage, however do not know the way a lot to feed it.”

“Individuals do not perceive their wants”

A survey this 12 months by UK Pet Meals steered there have been practically 700,000 pet snakes in Britain.

Snakes feed on stay prey reminiscent of mice, rats and rabbits, and within the wild they journey lengthy distances and expend numerous power earlier than a meal, whereas in captivity they’re usually confined to a body-length glass cage the place they’ll transfer little.

How usually a snake must be fed depends upon its species, with some needing feedings twice per week and others solely needing bigger meals, however intermittently.

“A big python, or a big boa like a inexperienced anaconda, can eat one very massive meal after which not eat for a 12 months with no ailing results,” Professor O’Shea stated.

Dr Stephen Allen, a council member of the British Herpetological and Amphibian Society (BHS), added that snake weight problems can usually be an issue for inexperienced snake house owners.

“Weight problems in snakes happens as a result of individuals don’t at all times perceive their wants and will wrongly assume that they must be fed as steadily as wanted, and are extra in tune with different pets reminiscent of cats or canine,” he stated.

“This, mixed with low power expenditure (if saved in a small enclosure) contributes to snakes changing into overweight.”

“Do not buy on impulse”

He stated that snakes can typically eat constantly, as a result of they have no idea when their subsequent meal will come, in order that they gorge themselves.

Professor O’Shea advises snake house owners to “not be an island” and to hitch the neighborhood and search assist from others to search out the perfect take care of a pet snake.

“Do not simply attempt to see if it can work. It is best to search counseling, neighborhood memberships and go to conferences,” he stated.

“Speaking to individuals who have already solved the issue you’ve gotten is one of the simplest ways ahead.

“My recommendation isn’t to purchase snakes or another animals on a whim, and do not buy impulsively from a pet retailer.

“It needs to be thought of. It’s important to make a acutely aware choice. When you’ve got an animal in your care, it is in your care and also you’re answerable for its security.”

Dr. Allan advises owners to search out data on the way to care for his or her snakes from dependable sources reminiscent of an unique reptile vet, the Union of British Herpetologists, the Worldwide Herpetological Society, or BHS.

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