Douglas Coupland on Thanksgiving | Wall paper

To rejoice Thanksgiving, we’re revisiting Canadian writer and artist Douglas Coupland’s tackle the celebrations, which first appeared in a particular subject of Wallpaper* in 1998.

Within the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin wished the official chook of america to be the turkey, not the bald eagle. At the moment, turkeys weren’t solely tasty and scrumptious, but additionally clever – ​​and justifiably cautious of hunters and wonderful flyers – whereas the bald eagle was, and nonetheless is, basically a well-coiffed gull. Nonetheless, the mutation of turkeys throughout three centuries, from good to silly (over-breeding turkeys are well-known for drowning themselves on wet days by elevating their heads to the sky after which forgetting to decrease them) additionally gives wealthy symbolism for the previous 200 years. – Thanksgiving Transition Yr.

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