Does this fruit trigger higher digestion? Depends upon who you ask

Consuming yellow dragon fruit, referred to as pitaya, can deal with constipation, a brand new viral pattern now claims.

Customers say the hard-skinned, prickly fruit, a part of the aloe vera household, acts as a pure laxative. Movies with the hashtag #yellowdragonfruit have obtained greater than 100 million views since February. Customers have proven that they reduce the fruit and eat the white interior half and seeds.

Nonetheless, specialists say that there is nothing actually particular about this fruit in comparison with others, and that consuming an excessive amount of of any fruit loaded with dietary fiber might ship you to the toilet anyway or worse: trigger constipation.

Is an excessive amount of fiber good?

Most fruits, together with pitaya, promote common bowel actions as a consequence of their excessive fiber content material. Fiber helps improve the load and quantity of stool and soften it, making stool move easily by the intestines.

Nonetheless, an excessive amount of fiber can result in bloating, fuel and constipation. In additional severe circumstances, it could possibly trigger intestinal obstruction.

Illustration of dragon fruit. (Credit score: RAWPIXEL)

The present pattern began in February when a consumer named Hallie Kate posted a video about how lovable yellow dragon fruit is. Two days later, she posted one other video through which she stated that the fruit utterly cleansed her digestive system.

She stated that her physique was utterly cleansed as a result of the seeds include numerous dietary fiber, which acts as a pure laxative.

The unique video obtained 3.2 million likes through which Kate was consuming pitaya after which appeared within the toilet shortly after. Since then, the hashtag #yellowdragonfruit has obtained greater than 110 million views.


Wholesome fruit

Pitaya, which belongs to the cactus household, is definitely an excellent supply of dietary fiber and magnesium, in addition to vitamin C, iron and B nutritional vitamins. Lycopene, the pigment that provides pitaya its intense colour, additionally gives the physique with well being advantages and has been linked in research to a decreased threat of prostate most cancers.

The comparatively excessive quantity of fiber the fruit accommodates – about 3 grams per 100 grams of fruit – is equal to 12% of the beneficial every day worth of dietary fiber.

The excessive quantity of fiber encourages metabolism, which helps within the weight reduction course of. If this isn’t sufficient, the seeds of the fruit are very efficient in stimulating the intestines as a result of they include polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) that cut back triglyceride ranges within the blood. It additionally reduces the chance of cardiovascular problems.

On the identical time, regardless of the numerous advantages of fruit, it is crucial to not overlook that in addition they include a good quantity of fructose and fructose, so like their sweeter and better-known counterparts, they need to be consumed moderately.

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