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The pomegranate is likely one of the oldest fruits on the earth – with references to the fruit going again a good distance Bible (For those who ask me, Eve would not danger heaven for a boring apple.) However how forbidden is that this forbidden fruit? Can cats eat pomegranate? Sure, cats can eat pomegranates as a result of the fruit is just not poisonous to them. However the vet Dr. Lindsay Butzer It’s not precisely really useful to distribute a spoonful of seeds into their meals bowl. that is the explanation.

Is pomegranate poisonous to cats?

No, pomegranates aren’t poisonous to cats; Nevertheless, seeds can pose a choking hazard, particularly in case your cat eats a number of of them at one time. Nevertheless, in case your cat swipes a couple of when you’re not trying or efficiently swallows a couple of on the ground, the seeds is not going to hurt your cat.

Is pomegranate good for cats?

No, pomegranate is just not good for cats. Attributable to their genetic make-up, they do not want the identical nutritional vitamins and minerals that make pomegranates a wholesome snack for the remainder of us. “Cats can technically eat pomegranates, but it surely’s not really useful,” Dr. Butzer tells The Wildest.

“Cats are omnivores, which suggests their major supply of vitamin should come from animal protein. Pomegranates are additionally very bitter, and cats could not just like the style, however some cats who wish to attempt the whole lot could eat them!”

In case your cat falls into this class, attempt to keep away from letting him eat pomegranates. Along with being a choking hazard, seeds might be fairly soggy, and your cat must make room for meals that may present him with the vitamins he wants.

What ought to I do if my cat eats pomegranate?

Pomegranates are non-toxic to cats, so there is no such thing as a want to fret in the event that they by accident eat a number of the fruit. Nevertheless, in bigger portions, the seeds could cause gastrointestinal upset to your cat; Their physique is just not used to digesting this sort of meals. For those who suspect that your cat has eaten the seeds and is affected by a gastrointestinal dysfunctionContact your vet for subsequent steps.

How do I forestall my cat from consuming pomegranates?

In case your cat cannot resist the siren name of this fruit, it’s possible you’ll have to take precautions to maintain it secure. By no means depart pomegranate seeds unattended on counters or counters, and at all times get rid of them within the trash or in a container that your curious little pal cannot attain. Retailer pomegranate seeds within the fridge, as really useful.

What are some fruits which might be secure for cats?

  • Berries: Blueberries in small dosesIt might probably present your cat with vitamin C, vitamin Okay, fiber, and extra. Some cat meals even include blueberries of their substances! Simply ensure that to chop the blueberries into sufficiently small items.

  • Strawberries: Strawberries generally is a nice supply of fiber Your shot. Simply as with blueberries, you should definitely minimize the strawberries into small items and serve the fruit to them in small quantities.

  • Watermelon: Since it’s 90% water, watermelon is a good supply of hydration Your shot. Particularly when you’ve got a kind of cats who inexplicably goes on water strikeWatermelon can present them with some much-needed hydration. Simply you should definitely eliminate the pores and skin and seeds. These Can Be poisonous to your cat.

What are another fruits that aren’t secure for cats?

  • Grapes and Raisins: Grapes and raisins are very poisonous For each cats and canine, though consultants are nonetheless unsure why. Preserve all raisins and grapes away from cats, ideally in cabinets and never simply on counters the place they are often accessed. For those who see or suspect that your cat has eaten grapes or raisins, contact your veterinarian instantly.

  • Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits include important oils which might be extremely poisonous to cats. Important oil toxicity can happen in case your cat eats the fruit or will get oils from the fruit on its fur or paws. Such a toxicity is widespread, so the much less contact your cat has with this fruit, the higher.

Backside line: Is pomegranate poisonous to my cat?

Pomegranates are principally secure for cats, however this fruit ought to most likely be stored someplace out of their attain. “To be sincere, there are not any important well being advantages for cats relating to consuming pomegranates,” says Dr. Butzer.

Cats want a weight loss program wealthy in animal proteins, and pomegranates don’t present that. It is best to stay to a balanced, high-quality cat meals to satisfy her dietary wants.

So, though there is not any want to fret in case your cat picks up some seeds, attempt to persist with meals particularly formulated when in search of snacks for her.

Regularly requested questions (individuals additionally ask):

Is pomegranate poisonous to cats?

No, pomegranates aren’t poisonous to your cat. Nevertheless, seeds can pose a choking hazard and enormous portions can result in some abdomen upset.

Is pomegranate good for cats?

Pomegranates don’t have any dietary worth for cats. They require a weight loss program based mostly on animal protein with a purpose to get the vitamin they want.

Why do cats love pomegranates?

Cats haven’t got candy receptors, in order that they’re unlikely to at all times be serious about pomegranates. Nevertheless, they’re curious, and these seeds can seem to be little treats to the untrained eye (a cat who actually loves treats).


Sugars, candy style receptors, and mind responses

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