A brand new examine means that consuming strawberries reduces the danger of dementia

Late-life dementia is a rising public well being concern and lacks efficient therapy. Neurodegenerative problems akin to Alzheimer’s illness develop over a preclinical interval of a few years starting in center age. The prevalence of insulin resistance, a distinguished threat issue for late-life dementia, additionally accelerates in center age. Consumption of berries, together with strawberries, has been proven to have an effect on metabolism in addition to cognitive efficiency, suggesting the opportunity of mitigating the danger of dementia. In a brand new examine, scientists on the College of Cincinnati enrolled obese, middle-aged women and men with insulin resistance and subjective cognitive decline, and administered a 12-week intervention with every day consumption of whole-fruit strawberry powder. Their findings assist the concept strawberry dietary supplements have a task in lowering dementia threat when given in center age.

Krikorian et al.  showed that daily supplementation with 13 grams of strawberry powder and whole fruit reduces memory interference and depressive symptoms in middle-aged, overweight individuals.  Image credit: Robert Owen Wahl.

In Krikoria et al. confirmed that every day supplementation with 13 grams of strawberry powder and entire fruit reduces reminiscence interference and depressive signs in middle-aged, obese people. Picture credit score: Robert Owen Wahl.

Alzheimer’s illness (AD) is the most typical type of dementia, accounting for as much as 80% of circumstances, and present projections point out that AD will attain epidemic proportions throughout the subsequent few years.

Parallel to the rise within the prevalence of dementia, there’s an equally alarming rise in metabolic problems mirrored in insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, weight problems, and associated well being situations related to dementia in late life.

There is no such thing as a remedy for dementia, and it’s not clear when or if efficient therapy might be accessible.

Accordingly, rising emphasis has been positioned on threat prevention and mitigation.

“Each strawberries and raspberries comprise antioxidants known as anthocyanins, that are concerned in a wide range of well being advantages of berries akin to metabolic and cognitive enhancements,” stated Professor Robert Krikorian from the College of Cincinnati.

“There’s epidemiological knowledge to recommend that individuals who repeatedly devour strawberries or blueberries have a slower price of cognitive decline with ageing.”

“Along with containing anthocyanins, strawberries comprise further micronutrients known as ellagitannins and ellagic acid which have been linked to well being advantages.”

“About 50% of people in the US develop insulin resistance, generally known as prediabetes, round center age, which has been proven to be an element of power illness.”

“The metabolic and cardiovascular advantages of strawberry consumption have been studied beforehand, however there have been comparatively few research on their cognitive results.”

“We evaluated whether or not strawberry consumption might enhance cognitive efficiency and metabolic well being on this inhabitants, and if that’s the case, whether or not there’s an affiliation between cognitive enhancement and diminished metabolic disturbance.”

The examine included a complete of 30 obese sufferers aged 50-65 years with complaints of gentle cognitive decline.

Over the course of 12 weeks, members had been requested to abstain from consuming berries of any variety apart from a every day packet of dietary complement powder that was combined with water and consumed with breakfast.

Half of the members acquired powders containing the equal of 1 cup of entire strawberries (commonplace serving dimension), whereas the opposite half acquired a placebo.

Members got exams that measured sure cognitive talents akin to long-term reminiscence.

The researchers additionally tracked their temper, severity of melancholy signs, and metabolic knowledge over the course of the examine.

Members within the strawberry powder group had much less reminiscence interference, which is in keeping with an total enchancment in govt skill.

“Decreased reminiscence interference signifies much less confusion between semantically associated phrases on a glossary studying take a look at,” Professor Krikorian stated.

“This phenomenon is mostly thought to replicate higher govt management by way of resisting the intrusion of non-target phrases throughout a reminiscence take a look at.”

“Members handled with strawberries additionally had a big discount in depressive signs, which might be understood on account of enhanced govt capability that would supply higher emotional management, coping, and presumably higher drawback fixing.”

“Different research on strawberries have discovered enhancements in metabolic measures together with decreased insulin, however there was no impact on sufferers’ metabolic well being on this examine.”

“These research usually used increased doses of strawberry powder than our analysis, and this can be an element.”

The examine was printed within the journal Vitamins.


Robert Krikorian et al. 2023. Early intervention in cognitive ageing utilizing strawberry dietary supplements. Vitamins 15 (20): 4431; Two: 10.3390/nu15204431

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